Terms and conditions

Here you will find useful information concerning the use of online booking. You can read about how we treat your personal information when using online booking, how you will recieve a receipt for your purchase and much more.

While you are booking we reserve the chosen rooms in teen minutes. You have to make the payment within ten minutes otherwise the reservation will be cancelled.

All prices in the online booking are written in danish kroner (DKK) with sales tax included. Payment is made by using one of the approved credit cards in online booking. When you choose a credit card you will se a fee being added to the total price. All reservations have an administrations fee of DKK 10.

Shipping and delivery
When you are finished with the payment you will see a receipt with the billing information and purchase information on the screen. This receipt can be printed out from the homepage. If you supply a valid e-mail address you will also receive an e-mail with this information.

Cancellation and money back
You can cancel your online booking on the following terms:
All reservations can be cancelled until 7 days prior to arrival.
By cancelling you will get a full refund except for an administration fee of DKK 100. By cancelling later than described above you will not get any refund. The cancellation shall be in writing.

Privacy and handling of personal information 
We register your name, address, e-mail address and other information given when booking online. This information is kept in our customer database. The information is not given to a third party but the registration is kept in our database for 5 years. We use server side cookies and a secure connection to secure the information you give when using online booking. Payment with a creditcard happens on a secure server where the information i encrypted before being sent over the internet.

Complaint concerning the booking process or the received product must happen within a reasonable time after you have seen the mistake or should have seen the mistake by looking through your contract. You can complain either by letter or by phone. Your right to complain expire after 1 year from the date receiving your product in accordance to Danish law. When we receive a complaint about a product the complaint will be dealt with as soon as posible. We will evaluate wheather or not to refund the full amount or to compensate.